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Improve App Content Accessibility from Google

Vying to put your business on fast-track while pulling it over all the rough spots, you have to let it explore horizons that are new and sensorially rich. And with a penchant for injecting ingenuity, you might just hit that sweet spot.

Keeping that in loop, a major trend has evolved off-late that dictates building mobile apps in order to make a company’s business reach a broader customer base. This has further crept into the mobile strategies of the respective businesses. Considering its popularity, you may not label it new, but it sure is hitting all the sweet spots. However, there is a challenge, irrespective of the fact that these apps lend users with a far more enriching experience. And that challenge emanates from the fact that these apps are not indexed by the Google search engine. Consequentially, this serves as a major blow to their reach.

In order to combat this, Google has come up with a path-breaking technique that goes by the name of app indexing. Through this technique, Google aims to make apps more crawl-able for its search engines whenever a relevant query is searched on Android.

Let’s elucidate this with the same example as stated by Google: You are searching for a movie on Android. Now, with app indexing already in place, Google will add deep links to apps in the search results. As soon as you tap on “Open in app”, the searched movie page will be displayed by the app.

Now, for the above procedure to take a formidable shape, there are a number of things to be taken into consideration. And not all would be handled by Google. For the app indexing to come up with the desired results, Google needs to branch out and seek help from websites that must support this feature. Let’s take the above example further to explain why; Now, for the searched movie or the app deep link to be displaying once the query is entered Android search, following things have to be taken care of: In this example, in order for the app deep links to appear in search results,

The popular Flixster app should be compatible with deep linking

The Rotten Tomatoes or Internet Movie Database (IMDB) should clearly state that the Flixster app page can appear instead of the main page

Google has to do some groundwork of its own. It has to make sure that the Flixster app appears prominently in search results

You should have the Flixster app installed in your device

With the correct implementation of app indexing, Google can safely claim that it has spruced up the Android search experience of users as they would be able to access the app content through Google.

This is a major poke to the users of Android devices. App indexing is currently undergoing rigorous testing procedures. The US users might soon be able to use this latest tool and see the deep links appear in their search results.

How to get started
For folks looking to enable indexing for their Android app, they can go to developers.google.com/app-indexing for developer guidelines.

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