In Depth SEO Keyword Research and Analysis

In Depth SEO Keyword Research and Analysis

SEO Keyword Research and Analysis For Your Website

Our team of expert SEO analysts will perform in depth SEO keyword research and analysis for your website. We will analyze that which keywords are most profitable for your business, product and your niche.

We qualify keyword selection through contemporary market statistics. After discussing your business, including its market and purpose, We will ask for keyword examples that relate to your business. With those terms and hands, We perform an analytics to determine how you rank against your competitors. From there, We can pick the keywords that best benefit your goals.

This is the most collaborative effort between SEO company and its client, and it normally takes a couple of rounds to get the best results. The SEO campaigns We offer are flexible depending on the client’s needs and budget.

Competitive keywords won’t have immediate results, and can take a bit longer to reach high ranking status. We’ve seen results in up to four months. No matter what, it often comes down to keywords and industry competition.

Since every customer, market and industry is different, no two campaigns are the same and they never can be as a whole. The monthly fees of an SEO company are dependent on the keyword and how competitive it is on Google and all others major search engines already like Bing, Yahoo, Ask and many others. Each keyword is priced separately. Once we understand your business’ goals, your competition, your targeted market and your budget, We can provide a proposal for the monthly cost of your campaign. Due to our region having a lower cost of living, our fees are often one third that of others in this industry.

Note that a one-time quote is not possible because SEO is an ongoing process that must be worked and tweaked in order to achieve the top ranking positions in search results. This is especially true because Google continues to change their algorithms, as much as 600 times per year.

Therefore, we are constantly striving to keep up with the changes and as such, adjust our clients search engine optimization efforts. A stale SEO approach will show immediately. This is why we make a continuous efforts to bring extra postive results which will take your business success to the whole next level and will give you wild stand in your targeted market, so that’s why costs can be variable.

We believe that keyword research is the most important step to all your search engine optimization campaigns and it can bring revolutionary results after full SEO process if done right.

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Our Keyword Research Process Includes

Relative Search VolumeRelative Search Volume

Temporal FluctuationsTemporal Fluctuations

Top Ranking DomainsTop Ranking Domains

Fresh Web ActivityFresh Web Activity

Vertical ResultsVertical Results

Keywords EvaluationKeywords Evaluation

Potential RelevancePotential Relevance

PPC Advertising DataPPC Advertising Data

Top Related QueriesTop Related Queries

Legal IssuesLegal Issues

Refining Keyword ListRefining Keyword List

Priority Keywords SelectionPriority Keywords Selection


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