Best Custom Labels and Packaging Design Services

Best Custom and Printed Lablels Designing Services

Best Custom Labels and Packaging Design Services

Best custom labels and packaging design services. Our product label designing services will blow your mind. We have a small but expert and dedicated team of highly skilled label designers to fulfill your requirement about designing custom label and packaging label designs.

It’s a known fact that today, most people judge a product by its packaging. The packaging can cost more than the product itself. In the end, a good product in a great packaging can give you the clear edge in any competitive market. According to Wikipedia, packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. We are so used to the common every day’s packaging designs, that we fail to notice all the hard work put in creating them. Even the simplest skin care cream box in your cosmetic collection took many hours or even days to get its final design and shape.

We at Microsol specialize in Label Design, Box and Packaging Design, and speciality/customized packaging design solutions. From Box and Packaging design for large manufacturing businesses, Skincare label design, private label branding for shops, restaurants, hotels and spas – to boutique labels of all kinds – we are known for elegant and cost-effective packaging designs.

We offer creative and innovative packaging designs of our esteemed clients. Microsol has been designing labels for the packaging of goods such as pharmaceuticals, soaps, shoes, blankets, cosmetic products, food products, bottled water, juice, soft drink and many other industrial products. Our wide variety of labels can be customized into different sizes.

Microsol’s Label Designing Process Includes:

Performance PrintingPerformance Printing

Choosing the Right TemplateChoosing the Right Template

Performance FactorsPerformance Factors

Setting Up the Label TemplateSetting Up the Label Template


Right Vector GraphicsRight Vector Graphics

Converting Text into OutlinesConverting Text into Outlines

Final Revisions & ImplemantationsFinal Revisions & Implemantations

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I engaged Microsol services for the design of a new brand identity for my business. Their creative briefing process was thorough and the design options they presented were all on the mark. They are creative, delivers on time, clearly passionate about design, and a pleasure to work with
Nate Nakagawa CEONate Holdings

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